We offer the following services

1. Securing industrial safety and security operations. Securing preventive operations and developing evacuation plans.
3. Determine the guarantee measures to preserve the security and safety of the environment.
4. Operation and maintenance of electronic security systems.
5. Preparing the facility's industrial security guide.
6. Training courses and workshops to raise awareness of industrial security for employees of establishments.
7. K-9 Live Means Inspection Insurance

Risk management services

We work closely with customers to build, improve and support comprehensive, highly effective security and risk management programs to mitigate risks and advance business objectives and missions. By providing continuous security solutions services to ensure that your security solution is always at the right level.

Support Services

We provide many support services according to the requirements of each site in order to consolidate the security concept and work on smooth performance:

Integrated electronic security systems

Our main pillars are the provision of equipment and electronic devices at the highest levels of quality and reliability. This approach is supported by specialized design and technical training. Among the features that facilitate installation and maintenance are the selection and ideal design of equipment and devices, strict selection and careful quality control, which ensures that our systems meet the required standards. These systems include: Closed circuit television systems, entry and exit control, retail outlets protection systems, service centers and personal security.

Security solutions and risk assessment

This service is considered basic and is provided through our security services department. It is:
- Analysis of security risks / security survey
- Emergency response planning / evacuation procedures
- Management of anti-fraud and theft operations
- Evaluation of security measures against risks to preserve lives and property

Training and rehabilitation

Believing in the necessity of training and qualification, we have held a number of training courses (facility security, first aid and safety) in order to develop the necessary skills for the guards so that they can complete the work to the fullest extent through integrated lecture halls to conduct the courses and seek the help of experienced and highly qualified lecturers.

Remote monitoring and early warning service

Among the modern security services that are widespread in developed countries is the service of remote monitoring and early warning. This service is provided by linking the customer’s site to the control room and subjecting the external environment, entrances and exits of the site and external warehouses to full monitoring around the clock. This service provides many advantages.