security plans
We prepare the necessary security plan for each site according to the client’s needs and have it approved by the relevant security authorities so that it is commensurate with maintaining security on the site and not adding costs to the client

Operating Administration

We have operations that operate over twenty-four hours, and their tasks are to receive reports, facilitate the flow of work, and supervise the distribution of guards in different locations. They also have field supervisors who supervise the guards, conduct surprise patrols, and inform the operations of the security conditions. They also have reserve guards who are called upon when necessary. The operations record all events by the hour within 24 hours and submit a report. About the field work progress of the Director of Operations Department.

Executive mechanism

1. Maintain the security of the operation of the facility by identifying and evaluating security risks
2. Developing the necessary measures and procedures to solve security issues by integrating existing security programs and developing new programs if necessary
3. Follow-up responses and procedures for reporting incidents
4. Providing distinct and comprehensive security solutions when there is any security defect
5. Applying procedures with high quality standards, by relying on experienced people
6. Implementation of security plans with a professional performance to maintain the quality of services provided
7. Work through central operations and field supervision around the clock.
8. Implementation of the agreed upon security plan prepared by the contractor.
9. Providing a quick alternative in cases of shortage and absence
10. Providing a project supervisor and a supervisor for each shift to ensure the quality of work
11. Provide reports on the security situation for work periodically to the client
12. The ability to manage exit and entry gates through the SharePoint information system
13. Provide a well-trained professional team of security personnel to select security guards and supervisors
14. Provision of wireless communication devices and security equipment necessary for the success of the work thanks to